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TV Feature Walls

TV Feature Walls

TV feature walls, TV walls, decorative walls or just plain old feature wall. There are a lot of different names going around for the new craze of making a beautiful design statement in your home over just hanging a TV on the wall.

Beyond Sound have been designing and building TV Feature walls and enclosures for 4 years, long before it was fashionable to do so. We spotted this trend when it was getting to the point everyone had at least 1 TV hung on the wall at home and some people were looking for something different.

Our first project involved building an enclosure for a 65 inch 4K TV. The customer wanted a surround sound system and somewhere to keep all of the equipment. We designed and built an enclosure to take the TV, Amplifier, 3 of the 5 speakers (the other 2 were in the ceiling) and the subwoofer. We incorporated bespoke LED lighting and a double socket with USB for the customer’s convenience.

The result was fantastic and the customer was delighted. We have since had many more jobs from the client and have seen the enclosure time and time again. It still looks good today.

Design and tastes have changed a little since then, and since our first feature wall we have completed many for commercial and domestic clients alike. With acrylic panels, beautiful woodwork, tiles, painted plaster, venetian plaster or polished concrete there so many more options now. Some of the nicest are a combination of these materials giving a very unique design to your home or business. A permanent wow factor that gives the feeling of quality and style.

At the very cutting edge of design, we are now able to build a feature wall with an integrated Fireplace, TV and Audio system all housed in one bespoke installation. We look forward to bringing you details of this in the very near future, so keep and eye out.


Written by AddPeople