Have you recently purchased a new office or home and require bespoke and high-quality soundproofing? Beyond Sound are experts in providing effective noise control solutions for commercial and domestic clients. Based in Glasgow, our services are available across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland. All services are offered in a simple graded format and will be based on your budget.

Whether your building regulations aren’t quite up to scratch and your noisy neighbours are audible or your new build walls let an unacceptable level of noise through – our sound insulation will transform your space. Beyond Sound has significant experience in noise reduction, operating since 2016 with expertise in sound engineering since 1997.

Get in touch with our expert sound engineers to receive a first-class service. During this appointment, we will visit your home and access your space, whether a living room or home cinema. Once we have accessed the current sound insulation and any required changes, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

Eliminating Noise

At Beyond Sound, we know how frustrating it is when the acoustic performance of your building is impacted. Our team will tackle external noises, such as traffic noise, or internal noise, including noisy neighbours or reverberations, as such sounds should not occur in an adequately soundproofed building.

We also know that during a conversion process, whether transforming your home or a commercial site, there can be many things to consider regarding sound transmission and noise sources. For more sociable offices, noise may not be an issue, but for an area that requires ambient noise, such as a lawyer’s or doctor’s office, sound transmission should be minimal.

Our acoustic consultants are resultantly here to aid you with high-quality and trustworthy noise reduction and proofing methods. Our bespoke services are offered to a wide range of spaces, including but not limited to:

  • Home cinemas or cinema rooms
  • Offices
  • Industrial machinery warehouses
  • Hospitality spaces i.e. nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafés and hotels
  • Noisier spaces, such as recording, music or TV studios wherein soundproofing and treatment may be required

Our team will use non-invasive methods, such as acoustic panelling and diffusers to impact sound. Acoustic panels are an affordable noise control method of soundproofing. They are easy to install and can usually be placed on the same day. Diffusers are similar, specifically designed to treat noise reflections and echoes, while acoustic panels disperse sound.

Alternatively, Beyond Sound can also introduce feature walls to block the transmission of sound waves. Feature walls are often more expensive because they are more time-consuming and require more expensive materials, often using bricks or wood instead of plasterboard for ultimate sound absorption.

To begin your ultimate soundproofing journey, you can reach the team at Beyond Sound here. Our workmanship, expertise in room acoustics and high-quality acoustic testing methods will ensure that your premises have the ultimate sound insulation in no time!


Does soundproofing work as a noise control method?

Soundproofing is a highly effective noise control method, whether for your home, office or any other commercial building. Soundproofing works by reducing unwanted external noises, such as noisy neighbours, traffic or environmental noises. The method additionally works by reducing your own noise transfer, therefore ensuring that next door cannot hear your home cinema or dining room dinner parties.

What is the most effective soundproofing?

The best noise reduction methods are dependent on the type of soundproofing required.

Soundproofing for external noises, such as traffic noise, can often be aided via window glazing. By double or triple-glazing your windows, the sound will be significantly reduced. In comparison, for external noises such as reverberations from your upstairs, noisy neighbours, methods such as acoustic panels are required.

How can I soundproof cheaply?

DIY methods of soundproofing may utilise thick blankets or quilts, although this is not aesthetic or a high-quality sound reduction method.

Beyond Sound will work with you to directly impact noise pollution, finding the most affordable methods to improve the acoustic performance of your space. All of our methods work within your budget and meet any building regulation requirements in place.

Gone are the days of hearing road traffic daily and struggling to concentrate, get in touch for your free estimate today!