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In addition to manufacturing and installing noise control materials, acoustics and sound isolation solutions in the UK, we are also an independent British soundproofing company. As a company, we’re experts at reducing noise and distractions in a wide variety of local and regional environments. Founded in 2006, our talented team designs, creates, and supplies the best soundproofing products. Consequently, when you use our acoustic barriers or acoustic panels, you’re getting the best quality possible.


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    Local Soundproofing and Noise Control Installation Services

    We contribute to the reduction of noise in the world. We have been pursuing this mission for more than ten years. Our company installs a wide range of acoustic materials that have been successfully used for decades in industrial environments.

    Whatever your needs, whether you want to improve the acoustics in your apartment, office, workshop, or other facility, we have the right material for you. With our technical expertise and installation skills, we provide our clients with a wide range of award-winning soundproofing applications, including; soundproofing party walls, ceilings, floors, and rooms.

    In order to provide you with the best possible results, our installation teams are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail. You can trust us to take care of everything if you wish, and we will leave your home spotless once the work has been completed.

    High-Quality Soundproofing Materials

    Whether you are looking for acoustic solutions for a commercial or domestic building, we are able to help you develop a comprehensive specification to meet the noise regulations in Part E of the Building Regulations.  Additionally, if you have a noisy neighbour on the other side of a party wall, under a floor or above a ceiling, we have an acoustic solution for you.  We offer a variety of benefits and features with our soundproofing and noise control systems, all of which can be installed in the various settings below:

    Home Cinemas

    A movie-going experience can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with this amazing technology. A soundproofing system is necessary for your home cinema if you wish to enjoy this technological wonder without disturbing the neighbours or being disturbed by outside noise.


    Offices and conference rooms need soundproofing. Keep productivity up by being able to hear what you think and what others are saying. A soundproof office, conference room or boardroom can boost concentration. View some of our work here!

    Industrial Machine Warehouses

    As a result of the combination of heavy machinery and large quantities of products, verbal communication can be difficult at best and dangerously absent at worst. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of your warehouse, soundproofing is an important step that you can take.

    Hospitality Spaces

    There are many different types of sound insulation products for hospitality, including MLV, denim, and acoustic panels. In addition to reducing sound waves, these materials can also greatly improve guest satisfaction.

    Recording, Music and Television Studios

    For musicians, voice actors, screen actors, and podcasters who record audio at home, a soundproof space is invaluable. In order to turn a room into a recording studio at home, there are several methods for soundproofing it. With soundproofing products of the highest quality under one roof, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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    Is your newly purchased office or home in need of top-of-the-line soundproofing and noise control? In addition to providing effective noise control solutions, Beyond Sound also works with domestic clients. The services we provide are available across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland. Services are graded according to your budget and offered in a simple format.

    Acoustic panelling and diffusers will be used by our team to impact sound non-invasively. Noise control and soundproofing can be achieved with acoustic panels. The installation process is simple and can usually be completed within a day. The purpose of diffusers is to deal with noise reflections and echoes, while the purpose of acoustic panels is to spread the sound.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Among the most effective soundproofing materials for residential walls and ceilings are insulation panels made from mineral wool and molten rock.  These products are effective at dampening sound due to the fact that they are dense in nature.

    Soundproofing a room is possible, but you will need to address the source, the entry point, and the reflection points. In order to block incoming noise, you may use a sound booth, acoustic panels, acoustic foam, curtains, and/or window treatments.

    The control of noise or the mitigation of noise is a series of strategies used to reduce noise pollution or to mitigate the impact that noise has on people both outdoors and indoors.


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