Installing Acoustic Panels is the way to go to keep noise out at your newly designed homes

Installing Acoustic Panels is the way to go to keep noise out at your newly designed homes

Designing, decorating and customizing a house depending on the needs and desires of the homeowner is extremely important. It is essential for living in one’s own comfort. Panelling ceilings, walls and roofs is one such great interior design idea and an innovative step to add structure to the house. Panelling helps protect lighting, lowers the ceiling and adds an ambience to the house that is just delightful and beautiful to one’s eyes. Acoustic panels, in general help in reducing noise pollution by controlling the frequency of sound waves and echoes of the surrounding area and of the specific space such as a room of a house. Acoustic panels are better at blocking broadband noise than narrowband noise. The most common type of acoustic panel is the one made from the fibreglass. They are affordable, durable, and effective at blocking both broadband and narrowband noise. The one downside of fibreglass panels is that they can be quite hefty in size. which is mostly avoided for regular panelling. They are only limited to installing in small spaces. Another alternative to fibreglass acoustic panel is a foam acoustic panel. They are mostly lightweight & cost-effective and can be used for huge open spaces such as office spaces, sports centres and more.

Why do we need acoustic panels?

One such kind is acoustic panelling which is a great way to play around and control the vibrations of sound which eventually helps in adjusting and reducing unwanted noise at home. Acoustic panels absorb sound waves that reduce noise through open spaces. Although acoustic panels are soundproof, there is a significant difference between acoustic panels and soundproof panels. Acoustic panels control echo, vibration and resonance of sound and noise within the space of a specific room or house while soundproofing controls sound from entering from the outside and exterior surfaces. Now when it comes to design, acoustic panels don’t necessarily need to be too thick or too long to be effective at an office or house. Acoustic panels with a thickness of only 0.36 inches or 9 millimetres can be quite effective. This significantly controls sound when designed with the right materials such as fiberglass, wood or mineral wool.

Materials and Design Features

When one is researching and shopping for acoustic panels to install homes, it is important to know the grading and quality of the acoustic panels. One such category to choose from is Class A panels. Class A panels are high-quality, premium-grade sound absorption foam panels that are designed for high-temperature applications requiring Class A-rated materials. They are known to absorb 97% of sound energy that hits them. As mentioned earlier, foam panels are lightweight and cost-effective which are highly preferred and in demand in the market. Class A acoustic panels fulfill exactly that and in turn fewer panels are used in a larger space. This gives incredible end results in terms of soundproofing.

Another featured design that is mostly used in acoustic panels are baffle panels which are mostly suspended from ceilings and used for huge spaces such as an auditorium and offices. They are used to reduce noise pollution and reflect echoes from surrounding exterior traffic, neighbours, businesses, etc

Different types of acoustic panels based on sound control

There are various types of acoustic panels mostly made of wood with sound absorption materials like foam, mineral wool, rock wool, cellulose and fibreglass. Acoustic panels are of various kinds depending on how they control and function with sound and noise. Some common types of acoustic panels include:

•   Absorptive panels: which are mainly made out of foam, mineral wool or fiberglass, are designed to reduce echoes and resonance and grovel noise to a very minimum decibel. They are made of Class A materials which help to absorb soundwaves such as broadband and narrowband. They come in various shapes such as rectangular, hexagonal, circular and more.

•   Reflective panels: which are mainly made of fibreglass or reflective surfaces such as glass, micro prisms and fibreglass are designed to reflect sound waves in another direction. The reflection can be of help in controlling the direction of sound in a room or house which eventually leads to a reduction of noise pollution. They are usually rectangular in shape and mounted on walls mostly.

•   Diffusive panels: which are mainly made out of wood, fibreglass or plastic are usually concave, convex facing and need mounting on walls. They are designed to break sound waves into different frequencies and prevent sound waves from bouncing around a room in a consistent pattern. This can help to create a more balanced acoustic environment. This is best for recording studios, home theatres, movie theatres, aquariums, restaurants and more.

Beyond Sound and acoustic panelling

Beyond Sound provides a complete basic and regular installation and design of customizable acoustic panels at home at an affordable price. Beyond Sound makes sure clients’ and customers’ needs and desires are met with satisfactory results. They can provide acoustic panelling for any venue such as restaurants, reception halls, offices, and recording studios but mostly specialize for homes, to reduce the most important factor which is noise pollution. Pioneering in the sound systems and innovative sound solutions with more than 20 years of experience in Glasgow, Beyond Sound provide and help in installing high-quality acoustic foam panels. The noise reduction levels are drastically low and have shown great results from non-biased customer surveys and reviews. A complete guide and help will be provided by the company which takes pride in delivering soundproof acoustic panels. Custom-made acoustic treatments are provided for various types of rooms, including movie theatres, meeting rooms, home theatre, and recording studios

Beyond Sound delivers only Class A acoustic foam panels for providing better sound isolation with no hassle. It is delivered and installed in the comfort of one’s home. Clients can enjoy such Class A acoustic panels with no hassle with little noise pollution in their homes, rooms or home theatre. Beyond Sound ensures home audio systems come with sound-absorbing materials which are properly installed that help in noise reduction along with acoustic panelling. Beyond Sound ensures that all sound issues in Glasgow, which are cost-effective professional will be resolved by their services with home audio systems and acoustic panelling.

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