Our high-end home cinema services offer a wide range of bespoke home cinema installations in and around the Glasgow area. We aim to bring your home cinema ideas to life taking into consideration your budget, ideas about design, functionality, equipment and overall finish. Each project has a different space to work with and a different customer to consider. No matter how you want your installation, you will be pleased to know that Beyond Sound offers the same fastidious workmanship and attention to detail in each and every job.

Custom Home Cinema

Relax and upgrade your home entertainment system in style, there’s no greater feeling than coming home after a long day, sitting back and getting lost in your own world of home cinema. Catch up on your favourite films, TV series, sports events on a state of the art 150-inch screen. From streaming services like Netflix and amazon prime to listening to music on an 11.2 surround sound system, immerse yourself like never before. When you go to a place for friends and family,  throw cinema parties or relax on a Sunday afternoon with the family, you will wonder why you didn’t think of having one before.

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Home Cinema Ideas

To begin we offer a variety of home cinema equipment such as projectors and surround sound systems to suit your home, space, and lifestyle. We offer a full service helping at every step of the home cinema process, including what the system is going to be used for, the size of the space you have to work with, whether that be a living room or a separate multifunctional room. We will discuss your options with you and provide a quality expert installation at an affordable price using quality cables and materials and our experience in speaker placement and calibration.

Based on your budget we can offer multiple packages, if your budget is on the small side then home cinema equipment like a projector and surround sound system would suit perfectly. If you have a bigger budget we can start to venture into the world of 3D, 7.1 or 7.2 Dolby Surround Sound, Room Acoustics and details like integrated LED lighting, custom-built screens, wall and ceiling speakers and mobile control. Going to this effort results in a beautifully designed cinema that really has an impact and gives excellent value over the lifetime of the installation. It also adds value to your home when it comes time to move on.

If you’re after the full home cinema installation then our Ultimate Luxury Home Cinema plan is for you! We produce a completely custom and bespoke installation to meet your exact requirements from scratch, or alongside your designers, builder, or architect.  At this price point, we are able to offer some of the very best in technology and design. This includes Dolby Atmos 11.2 surround sound, UHD 3D Image, Architectural Speakers, Measured Room Acoustics, Skylight Ceilings, Integrated Smart LED Lighting, 

Luxury Home Cinema Seating and Bespoke Carpentry and Engineering. This isn’t just any Luxury Home Cinema, this is a statement in Home Design and Indulgence.

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Home Cinema Ideas

At Beyond sound we pride ourselves on bringing high quality and expertly crafted home cinema installations to Glasgow and the larger Scotland area. As leading experts in the home cinema industry based in Scotland, we offer a bespoke customer-focused service with the aim to bring your home cinema vision to life. For more information on our home cinema installations or any of our other services available please contact us here

Home Cinema Installation FAQs

What is a home cinema?

An integrated and installed Cinema Room in your home which can consist of speakers with a projector and screen or a flat screen TV.
A bespoke Cinema Room in your home when professionally installed will be the right system for your room and usage, and have hidden cabling, beautiful installation, ease of use and be calibrated to achieve excellent sound and picture. The end result: an experience for you and your family to enjoy every day.

Can I Transform an existing room?

Absolutely we transform just as many existing rooms into home cinemas as we do new builds or extensions. Basements are a great option as they are often underused and provide lots of space; their lack of windows also creates an ideal space for the cinema’s acoustics.
If you don’t have a basement don’t worry you can still convert your spare room, through installing blackout blinds and smart lighting for perfect viewing.

Who should have a cinema room?

Everyone who likes Cinema in the comfort of their own home! Choosing which equipment is best for your circumstances can be a difficult process. Cinema Rooms makes that decision for you.
Creating the simplest home cinema installation takes expertise and knowledge and if you like your movies you want your cinema room installation to be seamless and ‘user-friendly’ then it’s best to let the professionals take care of it for you.

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