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The process of selecting the appropriate bespoke home cinema design and installation company for your project can seem daunting. Our unique turn-key service creates bespoke state-of-the-art home cinema solutions backed up by many years of experience in the industry to make things easy for our clients.


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    Local Home Cinema Installation Services, Central Scotland Area

    Beyond Sound has trained engineers with more than 10 years of experience, ready to install the very latest technology in home cinema systems to the highest standard at properties across Scotland. Locations include Glasgow, Paisley, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, and Central Scotland.

    As a result of this service, you will be able to construct a beautiful and powerful smart home with several amazing capabilities, which can be used as a standalone project or in conjunction with a larger smart home installation. Klipsch, Yamaha, Control4, JVC, and other industry-leading brands are used in our installations, ensuring the best quality available.

    State-of-the-art Home Cinema Technology

    It is our goal to provide state-of-the-art and luxurious spaces that are not only beautiful but also technologically optimised to meet your needs. Our products are backed by a one-year warranty and we offer an optional maintenance contract if you wish to have us maintain your home cinema technology. Upgrade your home viewing today with one of our home cinema systems that are :

    Why Trust Beyond Sound for Your Home Cinema?

    To assure the standard of our work, CEDIA, a global membership association that serves the smart home technology industry, approves all of our work. We deliver, combining industry experience, customer service, and quality workmanship – always with professionalism and honesty as our guiding principles.
    We offer a complete design and consultation service to our users, resulting in a custom-designed luxury home cinema room that meets any budget. The services we offer include a complete home cinema installation as well as the upgrading of your existing space with bespoke cinema seating, excellent technology, and personalised Dolby Atmos features.
    The Klipsch, Sonance, and Monitor Audio speakers we offer can be configured for simple 5.1 surround sound or immersive Dolby Atmos 9.2.4, among other configurations. We also use projectors from industry leaders, such as JSV and Optoma, and AV receivers from Arcam, Marantz, and Yamaha, to deliver excellent gaming, streaming, and film experiences.
    Our state-of-the-art audio systems are complemented by an extensive selection of seating options, including Front Row, Infinity Seating, Palladio, Elite, and Octane for the ideal setup. Through our state-of-the-art craftsmanship and use of top brands, we achieve a seamless, immersive and luxury home cinema installation for a truly unforgettable experience.
    Beyond Sound can transform any space into a modern living area by providing numerous themes, styles, colours, seating options, fabrics, technology and lighting options. Click here to see some of our previous multi-room and home cinema installations.

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    As technology enthusiasts, we strive to understand the needs of all our customers. With our expertise in sound engineering and industry-leading technology, we bring the big screen to you. A home cinema installation by our team is a truly integrated and bespoke service that integrates your home’s features with your entertainment system.

    Using this service, you can create and integrate a powerful, fully-integrated smart home that offers several incredible features, whether it is a standalone project or a component of a larger smart home installation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The four basics that you need when designing a media room are the display screen, the projector, the sound system, and the theatre seating. The four elements listed above are crucial to creating an immersive movie experience, regardless of the area of the house you are converting.
    By painting the walls a dark colour, you can control the lighting in your home movie room. Darker ceilings are even beneficial to home movie rooms. Usually, white ceilings are recommended since they reflect maximum light.
    Room echo and sound bounce can be controlled with acoustic wall panels. In addition to reducing noise transmissions between adjacent rooms, the panels also reduce interference from outside noise sources.


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