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Custom Made Screens

Custom Made Screens

If you are having a home cinema installation, you could buy a quality drop down screen or even an electric one that is automated with one touch control. They come in a range of sizes that will probably fit your room. However, Beyond Sound have a better idea…

We have been working tirelessly on developing our range of bespoke, made to measure screens and we are becoming quite expert at it. Imagine you have decided to invest in a luxury home cinema. You want to have a wonderful entertainment room that oozes style, luxury and design. Well we don’t think this is possible if all you are doing is picking items from a catalogue and putting them together. Where is the “bespoke” element in that?

Mass produced screens do indeed come in a variety of sizes, and they are pretty good quality too. But you have to select the one that closest fits the space you have. This could mean losing quite a bit of screen size and it will never look made to measure.

What Beyond Sound can offer is a screen that is made to the exact requirements of both the client and the room, maximising the space available and giving a truly bespoke finish that has a high end, quality feel.

We build our screens on site and to order. With a large choice of options like integrated LED lighting, recessed, flush or protruding screens and a selection of finishes for the screen surround, we offer the best screens available in Scotland and each one is different to the next.

I have heard some installers say that the quality of the finish is not as good as a fabric drop down screen. But that is the opinion of an installer. At Beyond Sound we don’t have any installers. We have engineers with skills to make things, not just plug them in.

Having done many back to back comparisons with our own screens vs manufactured screens, we have tweaked our recipe so that we know we are doing it better. This removes the opinion element and allows us to get on with the business of becoming the best in Scotland at what we do!

If you are looking for a truly bespoke installation, get in touch now.


Written by AddPeople