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Whether you need a small security system or a large fully integrated CCTV setup, as a local company, we can provide a reliable and dedicated service. If you need to relieve stress and secure your property, we’re here to help.

The technicians and installers in our team are capable of providing 5-star, professional camera installations, as well as a dedicated admin team and customer support.


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    High-Quality CCTV Technology, Central Scotland Area

    Besides deterring theft and burglary, CCTV (closed circuit television) is used by many homeowners to gather evidence against antisocial behaviour blighting many areas of the UK. CCTV is an important part of protecting a family’s lifestyle and home from intrusions.

    When installing security systems, we use the most advanced technology. The purpose of this measure is to ensure that your home security is at its best since your safety is the most important thing. With our comprehensive systems, you can protect your home with audio recording, motion detection, and more.

    High-Quality CCTV Technology

    In terms of the safety of your family and home, you can never be too careful. CCTV systems are great tools for deterring burglars and providing peace of mind that your property is secure. In order to meet the needs of any budget, we offer a wide range of home CCTV systems. With the help of our team of experts, you can choose the right system for your needs and have it installed efficiently and quickly. We offer a variety of benefits and features with our CCTV systems, including the following:

    Panoramic Lens

    Panoramas and close-up images can be captured with all-in-one panoramic cameras. In order to capture panoramic images, multiple sensors are employed. This allows 180° or 360° images to be captured with a real-time ultra-HD resolution.

    DarkFighter Night Vision

    Using DarkFighter Technology, the image is incredibly bright and vivid, while at the same time being amazingly sharp and clear. A wide range of security scenarios can be supported by DarkFighter, including streets, railways, ports, squares, waterfronts, parks and forests, and anywhere colourful, high-definition images are required. 

    4K UHD Resolution

    In addition to the ability to digitally zoom in on the recorded image, 4K CCTV is ideal for post-event analysis. A 4K camera allows you to cover large areas so you will require fewer cameras to cover the same area as a Full HD camera, for example. 

    Facial Recognition

    CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition technology can capture images of faces they film and compare them to a predefined database to determine if there is a match. They can therefore be used in crowded areas, such as shopping malls, airports, stations, and city streets, to quickly identify individuals.

    Intruder Notifications

    An intrusion alert is a motion detection technology that alerts you when trespassers are spotted in front of your CCTV system. An intrusion alert can be compared to a virtual camera operator.

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    With extensive experience in audio systems, Beyond Sound is no stranger to installing the latest technology. Our company has installed a variety of high-quality sound systems in homes and commercial establishments over the years. Following on from home cinema installation, CCTV and security systems were a logical next step for us.

    What type of CCTV system is required? Analogue or digital? Both variations can be provided by Beyond Sound using the latest technology. A one-year warranty is offered on all projects, as well as the option to purchase a maintenance contract. In the event that you require handover training for your security system, we will provide it. To begin the process of protecting your home, contact us today for a quote .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Installing a CCTV camera typically does not require permission. There may be a requirement for permission if you live in a listed building. Home CCTV laws and regulations are not related to whether or not you can install them, but to where they are located and how they will be used.

    In order to detect suspicious activity, it is beneficial to install a camera facing the driveway or garage area. The camera may also be placed inside the garage, pointing it at an angle that allows the light from the opening door to illuminate the dark interior.
    Intruders will be less likely to be able to tamper with your security cameras if you hide them. Additionally, they provide valuable security monitoring capabilities without degrading the atmosphere of your establishment in situations in which visible cameras are inappropriate.


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