Audio Systems come in so many shapes and sizes. From a very simple SONOS Systems to a whole home audio installation and everything in between. No two jobs are the same, and here at Beyond Sound, we work with our customers to design and build something amazing.

We have experience in all forms of Audio Systems from single room or multi-room Audio Systems, outdoor or garden systems, multifunction systems for cinema and music, intergated speakers and more.

Audio is our thing. We are qualified Sound Engineers with years of experience. This gives us a solid footing in our industry. A professionally designed system considers room acoustics, the use of materials to control the sound in a given space, specific speaker placement for constant, even audio coverage, audio delay, reverb/echo, frequency responce, resistance and impedance and so much more.

Our first step is to arrange a site visit where we can measure up and discuss your requirements. Then we can begin the design process, involving you as much or as little as you prefer along the way.

We can build you a system to be proud of using the best equipment and materials available for your budget, whilst always paying attention to design, detail and technology.
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