Are you having trouble with your room acoustics? Echo, reverb, low-level hum? Whether it’s your living room, a home cinema or a vocal booth, these can all become a real problem.

Acoustic panels (sometimes called sound panels or baffles when used on ceilings) are high-quality sound-absorbing panels used to control noise, eliminate echo and reverb and improve sound quality and studio acoustics within your rooms.


Acoustic Panels vs Soundproofing in Glasgow

Many people confuse acoustic panels with soundproofing however the two are actually very different. Acoustic panels work by absorbing sound waves helping to reduce echo and reverb from sounds and may slightly help with noise reduction. Soundproofing on the other hand stops sound from passing through, helping to stop sound leakage in and out of your room.

Quality Acoustic Foam Panels

Meeting rooms, consultation rooms, and offices are all notoriously bad for these acoustic issues. Don’t worry though, because here at Beyond Sound, we have been working hard sourcing the highest quality suppliers in the UK to treat these problems.

We have even started building our very own cost-effective high-end acoustic panels!

Our acoustic panels are designed to fit your room exactly, and they can be finished in a variety of fabrics to suit your existing colour scheme. Our panels can be used in home cinemas, rooms with poor acoustics, and rooms with high ceilings among other things. Add a splash of design and colour to your room whilst addressing the unwanted sound you were experiencing. We can even create your company logo or emblem on the panels, making it a good way to deliver your brand whilst having another primary function.

We also have access to a range of quality manufactured products for larger installations like lecture theatres, large halls, and commercial buildings.

All of our panels are made to order and you would need to arrange a visit with our in-house acoustical panel engineer before ordering. Quotations for acoustic treatments are absolutely free, so why not get in touch now and see what we can do for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is acoustic foam good for soundproofing?

Is acoustic foam good for soundproofing?
Acoustic foam is designed to reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound waves rather than blocking them. Acoustic foam panels are often used in recording studios, conference rooms, home studios, listening rooms, home theater and even office spaces to control reverberation and high frequencies for better sound quality. This makes it quite different to soundproofing which is designed to eliminate background noise and sound from entering or leaving an enclosed area.

Do acoustic panels reduce noise?

Acoustic panels are sound absorption devices that work by absorbing sound waves rather than blocking them like soundproofing. Acoustic panels will not make your room soundproof.

Where should acoustic panels be placed in a room?

The layout of your room will play a big part in where you should be placing acoustic foam within your room as this will affect the location of the main reflection points within your room. Your acoustic panels should be placed at each reflection point location. These locations will likely be:
– Halfway between your head and your monitors on each of the side walls.
– Halfway between your head and monitors on the ceiling.
– Behind your monitors, slightly towards the centre of the wall.
– Behind you, either copying the setup on the front wall or using a checkerboard effect.

How to find reflection points in a room?

Position yourself in your listening position and have a friend take a mirror and move it across the wall and ceiling. Whenever you’re able to see one of your speakers in the mirror you’ve found one of the main reflection points of your room.

How do you stick acoustic panels to the wall?

Before mounting any acoustic panels, ensure your walls are clean and free of dirt and dust. Acoustic wall panels or ceiling panels can be mounted without causing any damage using an adhesive spray. Some acoustic panels will already have their own adhesive backing, making mounting easy.

Are acoustic panels flammable?

Acoustic panels are not 100% fireproof, however many different types of foam acoustic panels have a Class A™ flammability rating and are required to pass stringent building code requirements. If you wish to use an alternative product, you might consider Rockwool or fiberglass insulation.

Can acoustic panels be painted?

It is possible to paint acoustic foam panels however it’s not recommended as the paint may affect the acoustic panel’s performance.